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A partial photo of a wooden arched door and the stucco wall beside it.

Mini Vignette: Anomalous Art Gallery + The Savannah Heritage House

Last week I posted some lovely vignettes from my friend Thomas’ home and mentioned that the reason I was back in Savannah was to photograph the opening of his gallery, Anomalous Art Gallery.

The gallery opening was actually a joint venture between Thomas and his good friend Douglas who renovated the historic home (dubbed the Savannah Heritage House), which is now available for rent for weddings, parties, and future art shows ;).

Although I was the event photographer the night of the opening, I returned the next day wearing a different photography hat. My goal was to get a feel for the space (and the art within it) in natural light sans people.

Below are some of the vignettes which illustrate the spirit of the space and its personality juxtaposed to the ambiance of the night before.

A photo of a room with art hanging on the walls and on the mantel of a fireplace.

Mrs. Grant adorned the front room with her colorful and vibrant art of wildlife and nature scenes.

A painting of ballet dances hangs in between two bright windows in the background with a shabby chic table in the foreground.

Mrs. Grant’s work hangs in between two bright windows.

“Tybee Morning” by Mary Ann Grant

A view of the room where Mrs. Grant's art was on display. Sunlight shines through the windows through the leaves of the potted plants on the floor.

A view of the room where Mrs. Grant’s art was on display.

An overhead shot of Nathan Mullins' colorful business cards sit on the window sill.

Nathan Mullins’ placed his business cards on the window sill.

A photo of the corner patterned rug and the floor beneath it.

This rug was placed on the floor in front of Nathan’s artwork and was a piece of art itself.

A view of the front door from the back of the house shows the staircase on the left.

A view of the entryway from the back of the house.

An etched pane on the front door shows West Broad Street in Savannah during the time of street cars.

An etched pane on the front door shows West Broad Street in Savannah during the time of street cars.

Eric's "Amber Waves of Grain" looks real as it is seen from a distance at the back of the house.

Eric Clark’s “Amber Waves of Grain” looks real as it is seen from a distance at the back of the house.

Thomas Jordan's Purple Heart is seen in a parcel of stark shade and sun.

Thomas Jordan’s “Purple Heart” is seen in a parcel of stark shade and sun.

Thomas' asemic writing placed in a window pane.

Thomas’ asemic writing, on a piece he calls “Golden Window,” is artistically placed in a window pane.

A picture of a slightly spiraled staircase from the top landing and two converse shoes.

The view of the staircase from the top landing.

A partial photo of a wooden arched door and the stucco wall beside it.

A wooden arched door separates the courtyard from the outside.

The pergola casts shadows on the courtyard wall in the background while fines hang overhead and vintage wire chairs sit in the foreground.

The shadows cast by the pergola on the wall of the courtyard make the space look like an exotic locale.

5 black lanterns that contain candles from the night before sit on the white bar top.

The lanterns from the night before sitting on the bar.

The vines cast a mysterious shadow on the courtyard wall.

The vines cast a mysterious shadow on the courtyard wall.

Vines intertwined on lattice work brightened by the sun.

Latticework supports the vines on one wall of the courtyard.

Thomas poses in front of the red front door atop of the red front steps.

Thomas poses on the front porch.

Photo of the arched door with vines hanging on either side and the pergola above.

The rounded arched door still looks exotic from the other side.

For a bride and groom looking for an outdoor wedding venue with a gazebo-like feel, the Savannah Heritage House is definitely the place! The romantic courtyard is perfect for a Savannah elopement or a small, intimate wedding under the shade of the pergola and hanging vines with the bonus being the ample room inside of the house for a reception or cocktail hour.

Check out their website if you’re interested in booking the space or leave a comment here expressing your interest!

Overhead view of two converse shoes, a rug, and two pillows.

Home Away from Home

When I lived in Savannah, many people asked (and still do ask) why I moved to there.  The most obvious answer is that’s where I got my first salaried job out of college.  Savannah is where I grasped my independence, got my first apartment, and later, bought my first car. There I started from ground zero and made friends at tennis meet-ups, book clubs, through a home-share situation (thinking I’d save a little extra money after getting the car payment), and through work by commiserating about work with coworkers.

I recently relocated to Atlanta, but I returned to Savannah after only 2 months of being gone to photograph the opening of Anomalous Art Gallery which is the effort and success of a dear friend of mine, Thomas Jordan.  Thomas and I met when we were housemates in 2015 living in a mansion-esque house in Ardsley Park with three other awesome people.

A glass milk jar sits in the middle of a table draped with a seersucker table cloth. Inside the vase are two palm fronds.

The Greenery of Palm Fronds and a Seersucker Table Cloth

Portrait view of the dining room table draped with a seersucker table cloth. In the middle of the table is a glass milk jar with two palm fronds.

Dining Room Table

I’ve always been fascinated with Thomas’ taste in books, art, fashion, decor, and of course, food!  He has treasurable sensibilities in all these things and an incredible wisdom about life of which he describes as a “journey best made in concentric circles.”

We also have similar taste in music, and I have accompanied him to Graveface Records to buy the newest oldie-but-goodie on vinyl.  Of those days when we lived in Ardsley Park, he would put Al Green, Marvin Gaye, or Nina Simone on the record player in the living room and we’d listen from the kitchen for hours while he cooked something delicious on the Big Green Egg.  Thomas also makes a mean gimlet, and he introduced me to the caipirinha, a Brazilian cocktail that he told me I had to try when I went to Miami for a friend’s bachelorette weekend (the bartender’s recipe wasn’t nearly as good as Thomas’!).

When I visited Savannah, Thomas was nice enough to open his home and apartment to me. Having lived with him before, I knew I’d be in for good conversation, good food, and good company.  My new home away from home 🙂

Below are a few of the vignettes in his home that showcase his one-of-a-kind, very curated, eclectic, and artistic style.  You’ll notice treasures from Germany, gifts from friends, and hand me downs of real silver from his mom!  His style of living embodies what vSav is all about– how fully we indulge in life and how that manifests in the spaces we inhabit.

Check out some of the mini-vignettes from Thomas’ apartment below:

Overhead view of two converse shoes, a rug, and two pillows.

A patterned rug and two pillows layer the floor of Thomas’s living room.

An overhead photo of a stack of books. On top is Angela Davis' "Freedom is a Constant Struggle"

Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine and the Foundations of a Movement by Angela Y. Davis.

A side view of a stack of three books.

A vignette of books. Two by Angela Davis.

A view across the bed to the corner of the room where an upholstered chair sits between two windows.

The guest bedroom is super cozy and lodges Thomas’s friends throughout the year.

Overhead view of my photo gear (a camera, a few lenses, and a flash) as well as business cards from the artists at the gallery opening.

My photo gear from the gallery opening the night before on Thomas’ upholstered chair.

Rocking Chair

A vintage rocking chair sits in the opposite corner of the room.

A mirror and a polished silver candle holder.

Mirror vignettes and a silver candle holder.

A few drawings of Thomas's are propped against a wall behind an easel.

Thomas describes his art as “asemic writing.”

Overhead view of Thomas' dining room table which have several pieces of artwork and stacks of magazines.

Asemic Writing and Art in America

View of the wall next to the doorway to the kitchen from the dining room which has a big film poster of a Basquiat film.

Basquiat is Thomas’ favorite artist, hands down!

Thomas walks into the dining room from the kitchen to serve breakfast.

Thomas is a phenomenal cook, and he made us a delicious breakfast!

Egg on toast with tomato, avocado, and sprinkled with sprouts!

As beautiful as breakfast looks, it tasted even better!

A photo through a mirror of Thomas at the dining room table and the film poster of Basquiat in the frame.

Thomas and Basquiat in the same photo!

A look through to the library and a colorful longboard next to the fireplace.

Longboards and home libraries.

The album The Chronic by Dr. Dre spins on the record player.

Dr. Dre on vinyl!


On a whim, we made a sugar scrub Thomas found on Pinterest several months ago. He was showing me how easy it is to make so I decided to take some photos of the process.


A few minutes later we both had our own batch of sugar scrub which consists of cucumber, sugar, coconut oil, and a few drops of essential peppermint oil and makes you feel refreshed, renewed, and like you just left the spa!


Returning to Savannah definitely felt like a homecoming! Do you have a home away from home? Tell us about it in the comments below and be sure to tag us on social media #vignetteSav.


Cindy’s Zen and Inspirational Loft

Savannah has a way of attracting the free-est of spirits such that the city is always budding with new ideas, vigor, and creativity.  Today we peek into the home of Cindy Male whose transformative space and endearing spirit bring a new perspective and a unique, tranquil vibe to Savannah.



An artist and a yoga instructor, Cindy is also an interior designer who believes that a person’s home is an interaction between her spirit and her physical surroundings.  Cindy works with clients to curate a sacred space by adorning it with objects they love instead of just filling the home for the sake of appearances.  Questions like “what in your home belonged to your mother or your grandmother?” help Cindy get an idea of what is important to the inhabitant thus cultivating a space that is an extension of self.

Her artwork can be seen all over her loft where she also teaches yoga sessions and energy management in private and small groups.  Cindy’s art explores the human form and also “centers around consciousness studies, trying to understand theories and concepts [she] intuit[s] to be true.”



Having lived and taught yoga in St. Croix for 32 years, Cindy designs her own active apparel for the body in movement.  She describes her clothing line as having a message; the print of her clothing is often a direct reflection of her artwork— every piece has its own inspiration and functionality both in the practice of yoga and outside of it.



The deeper meaning of Cindy’s pieces is often more than what meets the eye.
The banner-like fabric hanging in the lofted area above her bed “uses color theory to make international spiritual symbols and multicultural male and female symbols move forward and backward fading in and out of focal point. The images representing male and female fade away when the spiritual symbols are painted with vibrancy. When ego vanishes, the intuitive spiritual wisdom of the human species can be visualized or heard or felt, in whichever form the knowledge comes.”



The lofted area where she sleeps and meditates is used solely for respite and tranquility. Having a minimalistic design with a cheery touch, the loft is adorned with her own art and fabrics that recall nature and a sense of rejuvenation.



A proponent of using space effectively, Cindy uses fold up chairs to make room for her yoga students and tucks her workspace neatly under the loft’s stairway: “Everything in the studio either folds up, rolls up, or doubles for something else as the space must transform from painting studio to yoga studio to visitation space to my home resting peaceful space.”



On the other side of the loft is the kitchenette that opens up to a lush and charming patio area where more of her artwork is on display aside flourishing plants.



Though her doorstep is mere feet from the quiet neighborhood street, Cindy makes room for both a walkway garden by her front door and a corner garden on her patio.  Among both gardens are potted rosemary, mint, tomato, basil, thyme, orchids, and petunias.



Cindy’s zen and inspirational vibes permeate through her digital space as well! Visit her websiteInstagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages, and be sure to sign up for her newsletter as she often does pop-up shops and sells her vapor apparel clothing in and around Savannah!

In fact, don’t miss Cindy’s fashion show on Friday, December 1st at the B Historic on Montgomery Street in Savannah! Events for the day include fashion from 5 designers, 5 music acts, a yoga class, as well as a sound healing session and a meditation session. Sounds like the perfect way to break up the stress of the holiday season! The event is a fundraiser to help the US Virgin Islands recover from the destruction of the year’s hurricanes so feel good about attending and putting your money to a good cause!

Visit here to purchase tickets, and have fun!

Welcome mat on a the doorstep from above next to a bonsai plant.

Cindy’s welcome mat reads, “Namaste,” and is the perfect premise to her home and yoga studio.

Thanks for reading and touring Cindy’s home with vSav!

Cheers, and as Cindy would say, “Bless UP!” 🙂


Vintage Easel: -Cindy’s Plein Air Painting Stand which functions as a side table when it’s not being used to paint.

Vintage Suitcase: Cindy’s mom’s travel case that now houses her vapor apparel ware for easy transport for pop-up shops!


Balcony picnic table partially shaded by an outdoor umbrella.

Mini Vignettes: A Veranda in Savannah

Savannah is known as the hostess city! She’s so inviting and she loves to entertain, so it’s no surprise that Savannah residents have a penchant for designing their outdoor space to fit the spirit of get-togethers, dinner parties, or even just for evenings of porch sittin’ and sweet tea sippin’. Talk about #southernliving 🙂

Our newest segment is Mini Vignettes, where you, the readers, can share the curated spaces and proud vignettes in your home. Today, Thomas is sharing his balcony and the picnic table (the real star of the show) that he recently built in anticipation for summer barbecues and intimate get-togethers.

He says it only took one day to build! Suffice to say, he is an experienced and very talented woodworker!


The picnic table before the seats were added.


Thomas gets to work on the table top.


The picnic table nears completion.

Made of pine, the table is smaller than a standard picnic table but is still very sturdy and heavy! A friend helped Thomas move it upstairs to his balcony where it gets its fair share of sun and shade thanks to this amazing (and quite functional) umbrella he found at Home Depot.


Thomas calls his patio a “back porch with game!”


Love the grain in the pine as shown on the picnic table’s top.

Thomas proves that small outdoor living spaces can have savvy design despite their size. His balcony picnic table is perfect for this deck, making it especially inviting for small barbecues and summer dinners outdoors. His outdoor living space has been dubbed the “Veranda in Savannah,” and is complete with a small balcony garden sprouting jalapeños, basil, and rosemary just to name a few.

If you remember our post on Thomas’s Stuffed Peppers, then you know that Thomas also loves to cook with pickings from his garden. There could be a promise of more pictures like those soon to come!

You can check out more of Thomas’s woodworking projects and art by following him on Instagram @chesterpoindexter!

Thanks for sharing, Thomas!

Raised Garden Bed: Another woodworking project by Thomas.
Umbrella: From Home Depot, but a similar one can be found at Wayfair (We’re SO impressed with this umbrella! It’s perfect for that small outdoor living area makeover on a budget!)

10' Cantilever Umbrella

Do you have an outdoor space you like to entertain in? A vignette, or a project you’ve been working on? Take a few photos and get in touch at!


Dot, Stephanie and Jason's brownish and white cat, looks at the camera from the arm of the sofa.

Stephanie + Jason’s Bright & Beautiful Bungalow

Though it is historic and southern by reputation, Savannah is also modern, artistic, and creative without abandoning its vintage charm. From the people and food to the art and education, Savannah is a city of eclectic influence and is just as charming and romantic as it’s ever been.

The same can be said of Stephanie and Jason’s bungalow. From the romantic elements sprinkled throughout their home to the vintage heirlooms in every corner, their home reflects the classic spirit of Savannah that one need not only experience in the historic homes or modern mansions characteristic of the South.

As transplants from Indiana, they fell in love with Savannah when they relocated so Stephanie could study illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design. By the time she finished her graduate program, Jason had already fallen in love with his job, and as Stephanie puts it, although they’d moved here for her, “We stayed here for him.” Not a bad compromise!

They share their new and wonderfully curated home with their pup, Billie Holiday, and cat, Dot. Check out their vintage vignettes below!


Dot, Stephanie and Jason’s cat, makes a cameo for the first photo!


Jason and Stephanie’s living room.


The entryway is decorated with Jason’s hats on a coat stand and a gallery wall of beautiful mirrors.


The gallery wall of mirrors in the entryway.


Stephanie’s artwork goes perfectly above the fireplace. From Left, “Barcelona,” “Paris,” and, “London.”

Their airy living room is filled with things they love and cherish like this coffee table Stephanie refinished that belonged to her grandmother.

This Indiana pillow is perfect for Stephanie and Jason’s home and was purchased in Savannah!

Jason purchased this beautiful grandfather clock in Greenfield, Indiana.

Tell us about your home! What’s your favorite element?

This is the first time we’ve owned a home and we just purchased it last spring. We fell in love with the kitchen remodel, so that is definitely our favorite room. We both enjoy cooking and it’s just the nicest kitchen we’ve ever had.


What inspired the design of your home?

Much of the design elements of the house itself were already done by the previous owners–they just happened to have the same taste as us! We didn’t have to paint or anything. There are a lot of inspirations for the decor– I love the show Fixer Upper on HGTV for some of the trendier elements, but love to have a style that’s rooted in classic elements.


View of the dining room from the kitchen.


Jason bought and re-purposed this 1920s dresser for Stephanie! He also wrote the poem 🙂


The kitchen and dining room gets beautiful natural light.

You’re both from Indiana. Tell us about what brought you to Savannah and what you love most about the city!

We decided to move here so that I could go to graduate school for illustration at SCAD. After I graduated, Jason realized how much he enjoyed his job and wanted to stay. So he moved here for me, and we stayed here for him. We have really found our happiness here– in new friends we have made, our new home, and of course, being near the beach!


We love the vintage pieces in your home! How would you describe your home and its style?

I would describe our style as Modern Vintage. Many of our pieces are quite old or redone (like my grandmother’s coffee table that I stripped and refinished), but we also have some newer pieces to help bring the style into the current times.


It’s awesome to see libraries in homes these days. Tell us about your book collection!

Jason and I both love to read, so the books are our combined collections from childhood all the way through college and recent years. I love historical fiction, biographies, & classic literature; Jason is a Shakespeare fan and loves dense historical books.


Tell us about your artwork and Petite Pen Studio! What inspires your art?

Petite Pen Studio is my freelance illustration business. I do any and all types of artwork & design– from wedding stationery to fashion illustration, to hand lettering and chalk art. I’m inspired by Art Deco style & illustrators like George Barbier, as well vintage travel posters and the classic style of women like Audrey Hepburn.


A black and white photo on canvas of Stephanie and Jason in front of a brick building.

Romantic photos of Stephanie and Jason are all over their home!

You have lovely little vignettes in your home. Which detail makes you smile the most and why?

One of my favorite details is always the built-in bookcase. Our books tell so much about who we are. I also love that our bookshelves display photos and paintings of beloved pets that we have had throughout our lives. Our fur babies are all so special to us, and I love remembering them.




Thank you, Stephanie and Jason!

Above the fireplace are Stephanie’s own illustrations, “Barcelona,” “Paris,” and “London.”

“Scarecrow” and “Blondie” by Michelle Willows
Twitter: @lonesomedaughterillu

“The Gift Box Series No. 1” by Chih-Yung Wang

Water Color Portrait of Stephanie by Daniel Velasco

Notable Elements:
Vintage Desk & Chair in the guestroom:
“The desk is from Vintage Woodworks on Victory Drive in Savannah & the chair was Jason’s grandmother’s.”

Wine Bar:
“Jason bought this 1920’s dresser for me for Christmas a few years back and transformed it into a bar himself. It’s one of my most cherished possessions!”

Dining Room Table/Chairs:
“The table is from Two Women & a Warehouse and the chairs are from World Market.”

Grandfather Clock:
“Jason bought the clock long before we lived together at an antique shop in Greenfield, Indiana.”

Indiana State Pillow:
Kitchen on the Square on Barnard right before they moved to Arizona. Nicole and her husband (the shop’s owners) were great people. I worked as a wine and canvas teacher at her shop for awhile, and we wanted to have something from them.”
(vSav note: We’re excited to learn that Nicole and Johnny opened a store in Tuscon! Check out Mabel on 4th here and here!)

Blue & White Mermaid:
“My friend Sue bought that for me. I think she got it from Modcloth.”

Vintage Silver Teapot and Serving Tray:
“The teapot was Jason’s grandparents,’ and is real silver. The tray is from Home Goods.”

Open Mouth Whale Dish:
World Market


The Charming Urban Poppy

Shopping at Urban Poppy is like visiting that one friend who has all the cool stuff in her apartment. She’s traveled far and wide, and not just for the sake of travel but for the experiences as well. She’s got something meaningful from every destination and event in her life. Her apartment is airy and filled with greenery, not to mention that one lovely fiddle leaf fig tree that just seems to keep on growing. Every element is classic, romantic, and modern. You don’t have to hear her talk about any one piece to know that she hand picked each one with her effortless style and impeccable taste.

Slightly south of 37th Street is the lovely Urban Poppy, a boutique floral design shop that also carries just about everything your heart desires. From gardening and nursery needs to cookbooks, greeting cards, and home furnishings, if you’re looking for something for the eclectic in your life, this is the place to visit! There’s something for the newlyweds, the new parents, the world traveler, and the star student. A few passes through the store and you still won’t feel like you’ve seen everything.

dsc_0123dsc_0133dsc_0157dsc_0134dsc_0150dsc_0158dsc_0160dsc_0162Hannah Pro Photo-21Hannah Pro Photo-20Hannah Pro Photo-19Hannah Pro Photo-18Hannah Pro Photo-17dsc_0183dsc_0184dsc_0191dsc_0195dsc_0198dsc_0112dsc_0114dsc_0116dsc_0118dsc_0122dsc_0144dsc_0145dsc_0136dsc_0143dsc_0127

Did we mention that they’re one of the most sought after wedding florists in Savannah? Check out their swoon-worthy arrangements here!

Urban Poppy captures the spirit of Savannah that locals know and love– charming, classic, and natural. If you’re the kind of traveler that likes to avoid the dreaded tourist traps, this is definitely the place for you 🙂

Urban Poppy
2312 Abercorn St
Savannah, GA 31401

P.S. Let us know if you find a smart way to pack a plant in your suitcase or carry-on.  You’re bound to find at least one or two worth taking home with you!


Valentine’s Day at Lulu’s Chocolate Bar

Savannah is synonymous with charm and romance, and on any given weekend one is bound to happen upon a wedding ceremony in Forsyth Park or a couple taking engagement photos in one of the squares. Love birds from all over the state (and the country!) flock to Savannah for a little romantic getaway :). There’s just something about Savannah that suggests romance!

Of course, there are several options around town for an intimate date, but Lulu’s Chocolate Bar is simply one of a kind. A favorite among locals and tourists alike, Lulu’s is the perfect place to start your date night with dessert first (it’s Valentines Day, why not?), or as a delicious night cap with a dessert cocktail and a shared piece of chocolate strawberry suspension cake.

It’s no wonder why we chose LuLu’s for our Valentine’s Day feature, right? The atmosphere is intimate and romantic with beautifully married design elements for lovers of the industrial chic style. Just picture this: Next to an exposed brick wall, you’re sipping a decadent cocktail that is sparkling under a shimmery chandelier. You’re not imagining things, that’s Lulu’s, and quite frankly it is the best place in town to indulge in good company and good chocolate.

Check them out!



Lulu’s Chocolate Bar
42 MLK Blvd, Savannah, GA 31405

Michael Mahaffey

P.S. Have a few more forkfuls of that suspension cake for us!






The Holly That You’ll See

Here in Savannah, the porch is one of the most coveted, endearing spaces of a home. It is a space of hospitality, reception, and first impressions. It’s where many residents make it a tradition to display the character of their home as well as the spirit of the season. Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas, there’s always something to see on the doorsteps of Savannahians all around.

What holly do you see on your own front door?
Happy Holidays from Vignette Savannah! 

It’s Christmas Time in the City!

Here at Vignette Savannah we’re all about decor, design, creativity, and inspiration. Any holiday brings out the best in all four, and we’re happy to bring you photos of festive decor we’ve been seeing around the city.

This year was the inaugural year of Holidays on Broughton, a series of festivities that took place on Broughton Street leading up to the week before Christmas. Sure to make your shopping experience every bit as magical and special as the season promises, a huge Christmas tree on the corner of Broughton and Bull was center stage for carolers, music, art projections, and of course, Santa Claus.dsc_0005

If you were around the Saturday before last, you probably got to see the Marine Corps Band play a few of your favorite holiday tunes!


While activities commence outside, we’ve seen some creative and delightfully unconventional holiday decorations on display inside some of our favorite stores! Check out this impressive wreath made of Magnolia leaves hanging from the ceiling in the center of The Paris Market!


Downstairs in the basement, there’s more to see to make you feel as if you’re in a wonderland.

If you make a quick run to pick up some Key Lime Coolers at Byrd’s Famous Cookies, you’ll not only find beautiful white snowflakes that contrast the rustic decor, but also disco balls hanging from the ceiling!


Further south, Foxy Loxy has the cozy holiday feel that’s best enjoyed while sipping your horchata latte or Mexican hot chocolate.

Stockings hang on the hearth with a message of peace and a gold Christmas tree complements the Texas-esque, western atmosphere for which Foxy Loxy is known.


Back on Broughton Street, you’ll love this “bow” tie of holiday cheer on the golden buck at Foxy Loxy’s sister coffee shop, The Coffee Fox.

Holidays On Broughton officially concluded on Saturday, December 17, but no worries! You can track all the fun with their official hashtag, #HolidaysOnBroughton!

P.S. Don’t forget your shellfie selfie at the corner of Jefferson and Broughton! Kind of looks like angel wings, eh? 😉


What are you loving about Savannah during the holidays? Follow us on Instagram and tag #vignetteSav as you snap your favorite decor shots around town!