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Home Away from Home

Overhead view of two converse shoes, a rug, and two pillows.

When I lived in Savannah, many people asked (and still do ask) why I moved to there.  The most obvious answer is that’s where I got my first salaried job out of college.  Savannah is where I grasped my independence, got my first apartment, and later, bought my first car. There I started from ground zero and made friends at tennis meet-ups, book clubs, through a home-share situation (thinking I’d save a little extra money after getting the car payment), and through work by commiserating about work with coworkers.

I recently relocated to Atlanta, but I returned to Savannah after only 2 months of being gone to photograph the opening of Anomalous Art Gallery which is the effort and success of a dear friend of mine, Thomas Jordan.  Thomas and I met when we were housemates in 2015 living in a mansion-esque house in Ardsley Park with three other awesome people.

A glass milk jar sits in the middle of a table draped with a seersucker table cloth. Inside the vase are two palm fronds.

The Greenery of Palm Fronds and a Seersucker Table Cloth

Portrait view of the dining room table draped with a seersucker table cloth. In the middle of the table is a glass milk jar with two palm fronds.

Dining Room Table

I’ve always been fascinated with Thomas’ taste in books, art, fashion, decor, and of course, food!  He has treasurable sensibilities in all these things and an incredible wisdom about life of which he describes as a “journey best made in concentric circles.”

We also have similar taste in music, and I have accompanied him to Graveface Records to buy the newest oldie-but-goodie on vinyl.  Of those days when we lived in Ardsley Park, he would put Al Green, Marvin Gaye, or Nina Simone on the record player in the living room and we’d listen from the kitchen for hours while he cooked something delicious on the Big Green Egg.  Thomas also makes a mean gimlet, and he introduced me to the caipirinha, a Brazilian cocktail that he told me I had to try when I went to Miami for a friend’s bachelorette weekend (the bartender’s recipe wasn’t nearly as good as Thomas’!).

When I visited Savannah, Thomas was nice enough to open his home and apartment to me. Having lived with him before, I knew I’d be in for good conversation, good food, and good company.  My new home away from home 🙂

Below are a few of the vignettes in his home that showcase his one-of-a-kind, very curated, eclectic, and artistic style.  You’ll notice treasures from Germany, gifts from friends, and hand me downs of real silver from his mom!  His style of living embodies what vSav is all about– how fully we indulge in life and how that manifests in the spaces we inhabit.

Check out some of the mini-vignettes from Thomas’ apartment below:

Overhead view of two converse shoes, a rug, and two pillows.

A patterned rug and two pillows layer the floor of Thomas’s living room.

An overhead photo of a stack of books. On top is Angela Davis' "Freedom is a Constant Struggle"

Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine and the Foundations of a Movement by Angela Y. Davis.

A side view of a stack of three books.

A vignette of books. Two by Angela Davis.

A view across the bed to the corner of the room where an upholstered chair sits between two windows.

The guest bedroom is super cozy and lodges Thomas’s friends throughout the year.

Overhead view of my photo gear (a camera, a few lenses, and a flash) as well as business cards from the artists at the gallery opening.

My photo gear from the gallery opening the night before on Thomas’ upholstered chair.

Rocking Chair

A vintage rocking chair sits in the opposite corner of the room.

A mirror and a polished silver candle holder.

Mirror vignettes and a silver candle holder.

A few drawings of Thomas's are propped against a wall behind an easel.

Thomas describes his art as “asemic writing.”

Overhead view of Thomas' dining room table which have several pieces of artwork and stacks of magazines.

Asemic Writing and Art in America

View of the wall next to the doorway to the kitchen from the dining room which has a big film poster of a Basquiat film.

Basquiat is Thomas’ favorite artist, hands down!

Thomas walks into the dining room from the kitchen to serve breakfast.

Thomas is a phenomenal cook, and he made us a delicious breakfast!

Egg on toast with tomato, avocado, and sprinkled with sprouts!

As beautiful as breakfast looks, it tasted even better!

A photo through a mirror of Thomas at the dining room table and the film poster of Basquiat in the frame.

Thomas and Basquiat in the same photo!

A look through to the library and a colorful longboard next to the fireplace.

Longboards and home libraries.

The album The Chronic by Dr. Dre spins on the record player.

Dr. Dre on vinyl!


On a whim, we made a sugar scrub Thomas found on Pinterest several months ago. He was showing me how easy it is to make so I decided to take some photos of the process.


A few minutes later we both had our own batch of sugar scrub which consists of cucumber, sugar, coconut oil, and a few drops of essential peppermint oil and makes you feel refreshed, renewed, and like you just left the spa!


Returning to Savannah definitely felt like a homecoming! Do you have a home away from home? Tell us about it in the comments below and be sure to tag us on social media #vignetteSav.



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