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Cindy’s Zen and Inspirational Loft

Savannah has a way of attracting the free-est of spirits such that the city is always budding with new ideas, vigor, and creativity.  Today we peek into the home of Cindy Male whose transformative space and endearing spirit bring a new perspective and a unique, tranquil vibe to Savannah.



An artist and a yoga instructor, Cindy is also an interior designer who believes that a person’s home is an interaction between her spirit and her physical surroundings.  Cindy works with clients to curate a sacred space by adorning it with objects they love instead of just filling the home for the sake of appearances.  Questions like “what in your home belonged to your mother or your grandmother?” help Cindy get an idea of what is important to the inhabitant thus cultivating a space that is an extension of self.

Her artwork can be seen all over her loft where she also teaches yoga sessions and energy management in private and small groups.  Cindy’s art explores the human form and also “centers around consciousness studies, trying to understand theories and concepts [she] intuit[s] to be true.”



Having lived and taught yoga in St. Croix for 32 years, Cindy designs her own active apparel for the body in movement.  She describes her clothing line as having a message; the print of her clothing is often a direct reflection of her artwork— every piece has its own inspiration and functionality both in the practice of yoga and outside of it.



The deeper meaning of Cindy’s pieces is often more than what meets the eye.
The banner-like fabric hanging in the lofted area above her bed “uses color theory to make international spiritual symbols and multicultural male and female symbols move forward and backward fading in and out of focal point. The images representing male and female fade away when the spiritual symbols are painted with vibrancy. When ego vanishes, the intuitive spiritual wisdom of the human species can be visualized or heard or felt, in whichever form the knowledge comes.”



The lofted area where she sleeps and meditates is used solely for respite and tranquility. Having a minimalistic design with a cheery touch, the loft is adorned with her own art and fabrics that recall nature and a sense of rejuvenation.



A proponent of using space effectively, Cindy uses fold up chairs to make room for her yoga students and tucks her workspace neatly under the loft’s stairway: “Everything in the studio either folds up, rolls up, or doubles for something else as the space must transform from painting studio to yoga studio to visitation space to my home resting peaceful space.”



On the other side of the loft is the kitchenette that opens up to a lush and charming patio area where more of her artwork is on display aside flourishing plants.



Though her doorstep is mere feet from the quiet neighborhood street, Cindy makes room for both a walkway garden by her front door and a corner garden on her patio.  Among both gardens are potted rosemary, mint, tomato, basil, thyme, orchids, and petunias.



Cindy’s zen and inspirational vibes permeate through her digital space as well! Visit her websiteInstagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages, and be sure to sign up for her newsletter as she often does pop-up shops and sells her vapor apparel clothing in and around Savannah!

In fact, don’t miss Cindy’s fashion show on Friday, December 1st at the B Historic on Montgomery Street in Savannah! Events for the day include fashion from 5 designers, 5 music acts, a yoga class, as well as a sound healing session and a meditation session. Sounds like the perfect way to break up the stress of the holiday season! The event is a fundraiser to help the US Virgin Islands recover from the destruction of the year’s hurricanes so feel good about attending and putting your money to a good cause!

Visit here to purchase tickets, and have fun!

Welcome mat on a the doorstep from above next to a bonsai plant.

Cindy’s welcome mat reads, “Namaste,” and is the perfect premise to her home and yoga studio.

Thanks for reading and touring Cindy’s home with vSav!

Cheers, and as Cindy would say, “Bless UP!” 🙂


Vintage Easel: -Cindy’s Plein Air Painting Stand which functions as a side table when it’s not being used to paint.

Vintage Suitcase: Cindy’s mom’s travel case that now houses her vapor apparel ware for easy transport for pop-up shops!



  1. hellowithmichelle says

    I love what she has done with her space! I am a fan of green so I really enjoyed those printed fabrics. PS. Anita I love your profile photo, that is one superstar smile you have =)

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