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Valentine’s Day at Lulu’s Chocolate Bar

Savannah is synonymous with charm and romance, and on any given weekend one is bound to happen upon a wedding ceremony in Forsyth Park or a couple taking engagement photos in one of the squares. Love birds from all over the state (and the country!) flock to Savannah for a little romantic getaway :). There’s just something about Savannah that suggests romance!

Of course, there are several options around town for an intimate date, but Lulu’s Chocolate Bar is simply one of a kind. A favorite among locals and tourists alike, Lulu’s is the perfect place to start your date night with dessert first (it’s Valentines Day, why not?), or as a delicious night cap with a dessert cocktail and a shared piece of chocolate strawberry suspension cake.

It’s no wonder why we chose LuLu’s for our Valentine’s Day feature, right? The atmosphere is intimate and romantic with beautifully married design elements for lovers of the industrial chic style. Just picture this: Next to an exposed brick wall, you’re sipping a decadent cocktail that is sparkling under a shimmery chandelier. You’re not imagining things, that’s Lulu’s, and quite frankly it is the best place in town to indulge in good company and good chocolate.

Check them out!



Lulu’s Chocolate Bar
42 MLK Blvd, Savannah, GA 31405

Michael Mahaffey

P.S. Have a few more forkfuls of that suspension cake for us!






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