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Hannah in Ardsley Park


Hannah is a Fashion and Luxury Management graduate student at the Savannah College of Art & Design and creator of News Macarons. We lived together for about a year in a lovely home in Savannah’s most sought after neighborhood, Ardsley Park before she traveled to Hong Kong with SCAD to further her studies for two quarters.

She aptly coined the term “Mansion-mates” because housemates” and “roommates” just seemed too impersonal and didn’t justify the beauty of our home and our newfound friendship.

Hannah mostly gains her insight and inspiration for interior design from her love of fashion. Her style is chic-glam with a refined touch that doesn’t shy away from timeless pieces. Hannah swears by Erin’ Gates’s book Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life  and still follows her blog!

Here she shares with us the entryway and dining room where she used consignment finds and modern buys to make a vintage-glam first impression anybody with mansion-esque dreams would covet!

(Althouth it is very common for people in Savannah to live in a share or share a home with someone that they are not related to or are even friends with in the beginning, Hannah and I are proof that you can make lifelong friends out of a living situation. We both advise to exercise caution in pursuing this kind of living situation. We have heard many horror stories, and consider ourselves very lucky!)

These days Hannah, her wonderful boyfriend Todd, and her lovely doggies are living much  farther north in Michigan. (We miss you, Hannah!)

Check out her newest (and very successful) project at!


Ardsley Park is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Savannah. The houses range from cute craftsmen style homes to stately mansions, and it’s beautiful to boot. Washington Avenue runs east to west through the heart of Ardsley and is by far the prettiest street in Savannah. Try riding your bike on either side of the street (there are designated bike lanes on both sides –a rarity in Savannah) on a sunny day, and you will instantly fall in love with the city’s charm. It is definitely one of Savannah’s best-kept secrets 🙂



Bust: Two Women and a Warehouse, Savannah, GA
Singer Sewing Table: Two Women and a Warehouse, Savannah, GA
Starland Milk Jug: Two Women and a Warehouse, Savannah, GA
Brass Coat Rack: Two Women and a Warehouse, Savannah, GA
Tiffany Lamp: Two Women and a Warehouse, Savannah, GA
Dickens Novels: Two Women and a Warehouse, Savannah, GA
Snail Mail Tray: Kate Spade
Hello Cards: Home Goods
Palm Fronds: Tampa, FL by way of our other mansion-mate’s Thomas
Table and Chairs: Hannah’s Dad scored these from Craig’s List years ago
Elephant Salt and Pepper Shakers: Kate Spade
Black & White Coasters: Kate Spade
Seersucker Table Cloth: Marshall’s

Have a home or space you’d like to share? Follow us! Then email us at & tell us all about it!


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Hello, my name is Anita and I love photography, insightful words, travel, and new experiences. Although I just moved to Atlanta, I still adore the charm and creativity that colors Savannah, GA. vSav was inspired by Savannah and will continue with features as long as inspiration allows. Imagery by McGee features all of my other photography endeavors and the thousand words that accompany them. I hope you enjoy one or both blogs!

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