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The Holly That You’ll See

Here in Savannah, the porch is one of the most coveted, endearing spaces of a home. It is a space of hospitality, reception, and first impressions. It’s where many residents make it a tradition to display the character of their home as well as the spirit of the season. Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas, there’s always something to see on the doorsteps of Savannahians all around.

What holly do you see on your own front door?
Happy Holidays from Vignette Savannah! 

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Hello, my name is Anita and I love photography, insightful words, travel, and new experiences. Although I just moved to Atlanta, I still adore the charm and creativity that colors Savannah, GA. vSav was inspired by Savannah and will continue with features as long as inspiration allows. Imagery by McGee features all of my other photography endeavors and the thousand words that accompany them. I hope you enjoy one or both blogs!

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