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A Vacation Home in Yachacts, Oregon


This blog will feature some of Savannah’s most creative spaces. Similar to sites like Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge, and others, this web presence will detail Savannah’s interiors and exteriors while placing it and its surrounding area on par and on the map in the design and creative world.

There are no limits: everything from workspaces (however small or large) to patios (however cozy or extravagant) and homes (however seasonal or permanent) will be featured here. The goal is to exhibit every part of the interior design spectrum that is illustrated in this city. Small businesses, coffee shops, studio apartments, and large family homes are just naming a few of the spaces that will be featured here. However minimal or collective, contemporary or traditional, Vignette Savannah will display it all.

So get ready to experience some cool and inspiring spaces!


A brief background of the neighborhood or story of the space featured + The photos from the tour

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Hello, my name is Anita and I love photography, insightful words, travel, and new experiences. Although I just moved to Atlanta, I still adore the charm and creativity that colors Savannah, GA. vSav was inspired by Savannah and will continue with features as long as inspiration allows. Imagery by McGee features all of my other photography endeavors and the thousand words that accompany them. I hope you enjoy one or both blogs!

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